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Bed & Biscuits Daycare for Dogs - Extra Spaces Available!

During these tricky times, it's sometimes hard to ensure that your dog is getting everything it needs when you're juggling working from home, home schooling and all the pressures of every day life.

Does your dog need exercise whilst you go back to work or need more walks and socialisation than you can provide?

Are you struggling to make those Zoom calls without a pooch on your lap?

Are you a key worker and needing help exercising and keeping your dog company when you're on shift?

Is your dog missing their dog friends and social life, or just fed up with you being at home all day?

Are you unable to take your dog out due to shielding or isolating?

Is your usual dog walker unable to offer their usual services due to being unable to operate during the lockdown restrictions?

Have you recently got a puppy but have been unable to safely socialise your pup with other dogs because of lockdown?

Is your dog likely to feel the effects of separation anxiety when things change after restrictions are lifted?

If so - would you like your dog to experience a day of play, fun and exercise in a safe, fully licenced and insured environment, supervised by our expert team of qualified, experienced staff?

Bed & Biscuits Daycare for Dogs is leading from the front and continues to offer the very best in dog care.

Being a commercial daycare and boarding facility, we are following DEFRA regulations and we are able to offer our usual services whilst ensuring Covid-19 protection for our customers and staff.

We are a 5* Licenced and professionally insured Daycare, with high standards offering a full day of enrichment activities, socialisation and fun for dogs of all ages, sizes and activity levels in our secure Meadows in Eynsford, Kent.

Your dog can have a full day of fun with friends from 7am through to 6.30pm for only £20!

No contracts or minimum number of sessions, we offer regular or ad-hoc sessions.

Contact us to book your dog in and see why we're unashamedly number #1 in the field.

That's the Bed & Biscuits difference!

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