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Hounds Hangout - NOW OPEN!

Here at Bed and Biscuits, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the dogs who spend their days with us are exercised, entertained, socialised and their lives are enriched by spending time out in our lush meadows, playing with friends and living their best lives.

We know that our job is to ensure that the dogs in our care have the right mix of exercise, rest, stimulation, fun, games, socialisation, cuddles, treats and love and our fantastic staff are constantly supervising and organising activities throughout the day suitable for all dogs, adjusting the play and levels of exercise depending on the size, age and nature of each individual dog. 

Most of the fun comes from just being with other dogs, chasing each other and sniffing all of the fantastic smells in the fields, but we also have paddling pools, trampolines, play and agility equipment, balls and lots of other toys to stimulate interest and keep their brains as well as their bodies active. 

For those of you whose dogs have spent a winter with us, you will be aware that we are determined that the dogs who spend their days with us get to enjoy those days whatever the weather. Some of them really don’t enjoy being out in the cold and wet, but a large number of them don’t care about the weather, as long as they’re having fun.

So, it is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of our Hounds Hangout - our fantastic new play arena, designed to allow all our dogs to run, play and have fun with their friends whatever the weather.   Partnered with our fabulous meadows, it is packed with enrichment activities and has areas to bounce, bound and climb, as well as many places to rest and relax.

Now, every pup can enjoy every second of their day with us and we look forward to sharing all the exciting features and plans we have for our play zone.

The Hounds Hangout - it's where the cool pups play.

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