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Making the decision to get a puppy, choosing your pup and bringing it home to join your family is such a fantastic, exciting experience.

In recent times, when everyone has been based at home and focused on the day to day life rather than the uncertain future, puppies have given us purpose, a reason for exercise and of course so much joy.

However, the responsibility of owning a puppy can be daunting and with the country set to return to work, every new puppy's owners thoughts are turning to how to ensure that their puppy has the best start in life.

Puppy School at Bed & Biscuits is the very best way of introducing your puppy to the experiences they will need to be a happy, contented pup.

As well as providing a full day of hands-on care for your pup to allow them to be looked after whilst you return to work, we also offer a huge raft of enrichment activities.

We know that our job is to ensure that the puppies in our care have the right mix of exercise, rest, stimulation, fun, games, socialisation, cuddles, treats and love and our fantastic staff are constantly supervising and organising activities throughout the day suitable for all dogs, adjusting the play and levels of exercise depending on the size, age and nature of each individual dog. 

Most of the fun comes from just being with other dogs, chasing each other and sniffing all of the fantastic smells in the fields, but we also have paddling pools, trampolines, play and agility equipment, balls and lots of other toys to stimulate interest and keep their brains as well as their bodies active.

By mixing your dog with other puppies and dogs from an early age, your puppy will learn to be independent, super social and content.

The puppies who join us in Puppy School don't suffer from separation anxiety, they are used to mixing with dogs of all sizes and as well as focussing on their socialisation, our staff also work hard on basic training, toilet training and recall.  

Unlike dog walkers, we can take your puppy for a full day between 7am and 6.30pm, giving them regular nap breaks, and the all important lunch!    Some pups even join us for breakfast club if dropped off early.   

As ever with Bed & Biscuits, we do things slightly differently so we don't offer a collection service.   We believe that it is best for our dogs to spend their days playing with their friends, not travelling in a van on a round robin route and our extended opening hours offer owners the flexibility to drop off/collect before and after their busy day.

Join our Pack now - email us to enrol.

All this for just £20 a day - now that's the Bed & Biscuits difference!

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