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Baby Wookiee and Baby Pippa
Enzo, Dennis and Darcey

About Us

For us, the reason behind Bed & Biscuits has always been our love for all dogs, big and small.


Having spent weeks searching for a kennel for our own dogs we quickly came to the conclusion that we would never be able to go on holiday again as the place we were looking for simply didn't exist, so we've developed Bed & Biscuits to be what we wanted for our own animals.    To us, every dog is an individual who we treat as if they were our own dog for the period of their stay with us.


We know that dogs need care and affection, and as much exercise as they want/need.  They need socialisation, yet a safe, comfortable place to relax in when it's time for a nap.  Let's not forget the young and the old dogs too that have their own special requirements.


We only have a very limited number of bedroom suites, ranging from cosy rooms with armchairs for smaller dogs up to spacious suites with bedrooms/playrooms for families of dogs and larger breeds.   Our rooms have raised beds, are heated and spacious enough for families of 2 or more dogs to have lots of fun and games.   We have toy boxes, paddling pools, and lots of areas of interest in our grassy meadows.


The dogs that stay with us get to enjoy a stress free, tranquil holiday whilst meeting lots of new friends and enjoying lots of exercise and stimulation to ensure happy dogs and a enjoyable stay.   Exercise is unlimited at Bed & Biscuits so your dog gets to work off all their energy playing with friends and socialising in a safe environment.   Of course, we can help to increase confidence and independence which is essential for a happy dog.


We advocate raw feeding, and have dog fridges and freezers on site to make it easy for you to continue your dog's routine whilst they're with us.


We work hard to build a relationship with every dog that visits, and their owners to ensure that your expectations are met and that your dog/s enjoy their visits and return home feeling well loved, happy and nourished.   We pride ourselves on the attention and care that the dogs receive whilst staying with us.   Our return guests are always pleased to return knowing that are safe, loved and they will have a fabulous holiday - indeed many don't even say goodbye to their owners when they leave!


We understand that leaving your dog is hard, so we do our best to keep in touch by taking photographs and uploading them to our Facebook page allowing you to check just how happy your dog is whilst you're away.


We appreciate that you're looking for the perfect place to leave your dog whilst you go on holiday and we think that you've just found it.


Bed & Biscuits is the place that dogs choose to holiday.




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