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Typical Daycare Day

A lot of time goes into planning our days here at Bed & Biscuits to take into account each individual dog’s needs and temperament.


We invest a lot of time getting to know each and every dog that visits ensuring that they are stimulated and entertained.   There is something for everyone.   From climbing frames to agility equipment, slides through to tyres, paddling pools and of course a ready supply of balls and toys.



7.00am        Dogs start to arrive for breakfast club.  Lots of fun ensues as friends catch up and say cheerio to their owners for the day.


10:00am    Once breakfast is over and everyone has had a chance to relieve themselves, they get to play in appropriate groups in our large paddock where they receive structured exercise, and freedom to play safely. 


11:30am     Nap time and a chance to have a small snack or treat to keep those energy levels up.


12:00pm     Time for more play in our play paddock with plenty of toys for fun and frivolity.


2:30pm     The dogs are encouraged to take another short rest to relax ahead of the afternoon's adventures.


3:00pm   Now it is time for a few more hours of play and stimulation. Walks around the large paddock, ball games for those who enjoy it and cuddles for those who wish to oblige.


5:30pm   After a jam-packed day, the dogs start to depart for home where they'll hopefully be shattered and ready for a good sleep, dreams of their day and what's to come.   Owners are updated with the day's events and adventures.

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