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Lottie gettin a cuddle from Kat

Hotel Boarding

We are extremely different from boarding kennels.   We only have a very limited number of bedroom suites, ranging from cosy rooms with armchairs for smaller dogs up to spacious suites with bedrooms/playrooms for families of dogs and larger breeds.   Our rooms all have raised beds, are heated and spacious enough for large families of dogs to stretch out and relax whilst they rest and snooze.

We have been awarded with the highest 5 star licence from our local authority as our facilities are superb, our staff highly trained and experienced and our care for the dogs staying with us is unrivalled.


The dogs that stay with us get to enjoy a stress free, tranquil holiday whilst meeting lots of new friends and enjoying lots of exercise and stimulation to ensure happy dogs and a enjoyable stay.


Exercise is unlimited at Bed & Biscuits so your dog gets to work off all their energy playing with friends and socialising in a safe environment.  We can help to increase confidence and independence which is essential for a happy dog.


We work hard to build a relationship with every dog that visits, and their owners to ensure that your expectations are met and that your dog/s enjoy their visits and return home feeling well loved, happy and tired!

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