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£25 per day, per dog 

Having built a reputation over the years for our excellent care we have expanded to offer our customers the opportunity to leave their dogs with us for the day, as a one-off or on a regular basis.   Whether it's because of long working hours, not having time to give your dog the full exercise they require, wanting the freedom to go out for the day shopping and not having to rush back at lunchtime, because your dog is anxious and destructive, or just because your dog hates to be alone, we can give you peace of mind knowing your dog will be fully stimulated, exercised and loved whilst they're with us.


We know that our job is to ensure that the dogs in our care have the right mix of exercise, rest, stimulation, fun, games, socialisation, cuddles, treats and love and our fantastic staff are constantly supervising and organising activities throughout the day suitable for all dogs, adjusting the play and levels of exercise depending on the size, age and nature of each individual dog.   


Most of the fun comes from just being with other dogs, chasing each other and sniffing all of the fantastic smells in the fields, but we also have paddling pools, sand-pits, trampolines, play and agility equipment, balls and lots of other toys to stimulate interest and keep their brains as well as their bodies active. 


Also take a look at our Puppy School where we can give your pup the confidence to be away from home and mix with dogs of all sizes with ease.



We do not offer a collection/delivery service as we believe that it's not good for dogs to spend up to 4 hours in a van driving around picking up or dropping dogs.  We ask that the dogs are dropped in to us so that they can enjoy a full day of fun instead.

Very flexible, we are open from 7.00 am for breakfast club through to 6.30 pm offering flexibility on drop off and collection times and will feed your dog if you would like us to do so.  Our opening hours make it easy to drop your dogs and collect them before and after work.


We also take photographs and videos each day, uploading them to our social media pages meaning you can see just how much fun your dog is having, and who they are playing with that day!   You can find our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages by clicking the links.


The dogs that stay and play with us get to enjoy a stress free time whilst meeting lots of new friends and enjoying lots of exercise, enrichment and stimulation to ensure happy dogs and a enjoyable visit.


We offer our customers the very best option for their dogs.  Dog walking can be convenient, but expensive and offers only a small window of exercise of perhaps an hour's walk,  leaving your dog unfulfilled and alone for the rest of the day.  Our doggy daycare means a full day of supervised play in a safe environment allowing your dog to work off all their energy with friends and makes sure they never feel lonely or neglected.


Our daycare pack are a very social group, and we work hard to ensure that all dogs that join are well behaved, even-tempered and content to be part of the pack.   We can help to increase confidence and independence in every dog, which is essential for both dog and owner.   We work hard to build a relationship with every dog that visits, and their owners to ensure that your expectations are met and that your dog enjoys their visits, returning home feeling well loved and shattered.


Our team are highly qualified, very experienced and are all consummate dog lovers/owners so you can relax knowing that your dog is being cared for by the very best people.

We have been rated 5 star by our local Licencing Authority meaning that not only are we the very best at what we do, that our facilities are first rate and we are leaders in our field.


We are very popular and because we have a large amount of regular customers, peak holiday periods are always extremely busy.  Contact us now to check availability and get your dog booked in.

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