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Reason 2: We have long hours at daycare (not in a van!)

Daycare is a brilliant solution for dog owners. Dogs are social creatures and as I always explain to my customers, they love to be with their humans but happy, well socialised dogs love to be with other dogs too.

As we’ve begun to explain in our previous posts, we are very different to other doggy daycares. The standard daycare model works around total convenience for dog owners. The other daycare providers provide a free service where they travel to the owners home in their van and collect the dog, transporting them to their field or centre, exercising them when they get there and then returning the dogs to their owners at the end of the day.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it?

Well, we don’t offer this service and we’re very proud not to.

We believe that the dogs who come to us should spend their days playing, socialising, running, exploring and sniffing, not sitting in a uncomfortable van whilst the driver spends hours collecting other dogs on their route before they get even a sniff of fresh air.

Think about the huge areas covered by these pick up services! We know dogs who have spent up to 4 (yes 4!) hours in a van each day as they’re the first collection/last drop of the day. Simply unacceptable in our view.

So, instead we’ve decided to focus on the dogs and we have chosen to extend our opening hours meaning that our breakfast club opens at 7.00am giving owners the chance to get their dogs to us bright and early before work. Last collection is 6.30pm.

This means that from the second your dog arrives in the morning, they’re enjoying all that we have to offer and they cannot wait to see their friends!

A full day of daycare for a Bed & Biscuits Daycare Dog can be a full 11.5 hours of fun, activity and socialisation for only £20.

Our dogs go home tired and content. Our staff focus on keeping each dog entertained and enthusiastic. Also, because we hand the dogs over to their owners each day, we’re able to keep them updated on each day’s activities.

We’re proud to be different.

That’s why we’re number 1 in the field!

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