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Reason 1: We are fully licensed!

When we started the business, we didn't want to just be ordinary or run of the mill.

We wanted to be different, to stand tall above the other poppies in the field and make our mark because of our differences.

Our customers come to us because of those differences and the reasons behind them. We put the dogs welfare first - ahead of anything else.

It might surprise you though to hear that the main difference between us and most of our daycare competition is the fact that we have a licence. Did you know that there is currently a legal loophole meaning that daycare facilities don't need a licence to trade? As it stands, anyone can start a "doggy daycare" in a rented field or garden without experience, security, training, insurance or even much needed shelter from the elements.

As we have been trading for many years as a Dog Hotel, we are inspected regularly by the local Council (at least yearly) and following their criteria, we are awarded our licence to proudly display onsite.

Our daycare continues to meet the requirements of this licence and more so. Our standards are even higher than those demanded by the Council. We are also professionally insured and your dogs are too whilst with us.

We believe that there needs to be strict regulation regarding the dog daycare provisions offered but as yet, there are no standard guidelines and it's left to each individual business to decide how they believe the dogs in their care should be looked after, so we urge you to ask questions, double check procedures and find out exactly where/how your dogs are spending their days when they're not with you.

You wouldn't send your toddler to a nursery that wasn't Ofsted registered, why would you take risks with your beloved dog?

We are the only daycare of our type. Everything from our opening hours to the care we offer the dogs is very different. The difference is visible and we are extremely happy that we are the number one in the field!

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