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Website Woes

I've always been good at ideas.

Unfortunately, the ideas I have always seem to involve lots of of labour and/or piles of cash. The idea for a new website though was a good one.

We need to be able to show our customers more photographs of the fabulous dogs that come to stay with us, explain what we do here at Bed & Biscuits, what makes us different and why the dogs love to come and stay. We've also recently expanded or Daycare provision and want to show you all just how much fun the daycare dogs have!

It's been a labour of love fidding with settings and has taken a long time in between walking dogs, answering calls, emails and the general minutiae of life but I think we're there.

Take a look at the new site, see if you can spot your dog and hopefully it will give you the information you need in a new, flashy fashion!

Everyone can thank me later ;)

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