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The Hounds Hangout - Now Open!

All of us at Bed & Biscuits are very proud to announce the arrival of our fantastic Hounds Hangout. 🐾🐾


With the arrival of our indoor play arena, we can ensure that whatever the weather, the dogs can run, play and have fun with their friends.


Partnered with our fabulous meadows packed with enrichment activities, our play zone will have areas to bounce, bound and climb, as well as many places to rest and relax.


The Hangout is large enough to take every dog and although we always encourage the dogs who spend their days with us to also run about in the paddocks to expend their energy, sniff and enjoy the facilities, we also know that many of them prefer to be inside in the warm away from the inclement weather that the winter will no doubt bring with it!

The Hounds Hangout is where the cool pups play!   



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